Jumping Jehoshaphat

The Jumpsuit. The absolute worst thing to wear when only porta-potties are available, this versatile item of clothing is suitable all seasons and occasions. Work jumpsuits are also referred to as coveralls, overalls, dungarees, and painter suits. Most common way is with the cuffs rolls rolled up with canvas sneakers or boots. Underneath is usually just a tee shirt. If anything is layered overtop its usually a jacket (denim jacket for obvious reasons is generally the go to).

The first evidence of overalls being mass-produced are those made by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in the 1890s. The first “jeans” they invented were actually overalls (“waist overalls” or “waist-high overalls”), consisting of suspenders attached to denim pants with buttons. There was no top part with a bib. From the beginning, denim overalls were popular workers’ garments due to their durability. In fact, Levi, Strauss & Co.’s slogan in the 1880s-1890s was “Never Rip, Never Tear.”

In 1911, Harry David Lee made the first bib overalls, made of pants with pockets with a bib and straps over the shoulders.

In 1927, Lee’s developed a “hookless fastener” and created “buttonless” overalls. Zippers replaced buttons. Soon after, Suspender buttons were traded in for belt loops to attach over-the-shoulder straps.


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